If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a link to leave us a review at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

Here are more comments from recent patients and parents:

"We have had three of our children go to your office for fixing their teeth.  We have been very happy with Dr. Resch and the results for our kids.  We also greatly appreciate your flexible payment options which has helped manage the costs involved.  Thank you for a wonderful orthodontic experience."

"You have a wonderful office - very friendly and efficient.  Dr. Resch did a beautiful job with her treatment plan and we will highly recommend you!  Thank you!

 "Everybody is so friendly. We don't wait very long for her appointment. We come and barely sit down and we get in right away. If we have a problem with her teeth, we call and can get in almost right away. Very nice staff. Everybody has been so nice and friendly. I was glad we decided to come here."

- Lori Y.

"Our whole experience with the treatment and with the staff was wonderful and I will refer friends and family here. Thank you."

- Julie B.

"We had an excellent experience with Dr. Resch and the staff. I highly recommend Dr. Resch and the clinic to everyone."

- Joel S.

"I want to thank you for the wonderful care Sarah has received at this office. Not only was the treatment gentle and effective, but all the staff have always been very friendly and courteous - even when we were late for appointments and when we needed to cancel and reschedule. I recently looked at old pictures of Sarah and was amazed at the difference in her smile and her profile! Again, thank you for making this as painless of a process as possible. We are truly happy with the results!"

- Sherry W.

"The experience we had was a positive one. Dr. Resch was always concerned about comfort, anxiety, and was a great communicator. We really appreciated the fact that there were no "hidden" costs - we knew everything up front. We will definitely send our other children here when the time comes. Thanks!"

- Beth H.

"Dr. Resch treated both of my children. The experience was great - he explained everything and his calm and caring approach was an added plus! The staff was very helpful - A great team!"

- Colleen H.

"Dr. Resch carefully explained all available treatment options and his recommendations, so you knew exactly what was going to happen and when. Cost was gone over at the beginning of treatment and there were no hidden charges later on. Dr. Resch and staff were gentle caregivers who demonstrated excellent rapport with their clients."

- Debra K.

"All questions were taken seriously and always answered - that was especially appreciated. Thank you for the courteous respect and professionalism. We will definitely pass on recommendations."

Sally P.

"Dr. Resch aligned my daughter’s teeth over a two year period. The change is slow and with braces on hard to discern. Katie is now 14 years old with the braces removed. Recently, I had the chance to reflect on pictures from before and after orthodontics - the difference is amazing and Katie smiles beautifully.

Dr. Resch explained the process clearly and patiently. My first impression of him as a man of integrity has proven true through the years.

The office is very professional and a pleasure to deal with."

Tom K.

"I thought the treatment and follow up plan were very comprehensive. I have two other family members in treatment and will refer you to others."

Holly P.

"Very Pleased. Great Staff. Very understanding for missed appointments. I will bring my youngest here if he needs braces."

Pamela R.

"I am happy to have a great smile!"

Matt L.

"Everyone is wonderful to work with - excellent staff."

Rosemary S.

"Very friendly, inviting staff. Pleasant experience all around."

Robyn E.

"Very pleased with the service and staff. I would strongly refer services to future patients!"

Sue P.

"Everything was great. Thank you for making this such a positive experience for Hannah!"

Kelly P.

"It was great. Nothing that could really be improved. The staff is very friendly. My teeth are beautiful."

Heather W.

"I thought everything was great. Every appointment went fast, and no waiting. Great job with Brady. He was very comfortable with Dr. Resch."

John G.

"Barbie’s teeth are just beautiful! She has not stopped smiling since the braces came off."

Tammie M.

"I would advise anyone to come here. You are all very professional and kind. Thank you for deciphering the insurance issues. P.S. Good magazines!"

Valerie C.